Excellence in Dance Education Is Our Passion! Here at MainStage, we pride ourselves on being a world-class dance and performance Academy, which is why we do not have traditional “recitals.” Instead, we choose to develop our students character, confidence and personality through a professional production process. This type of performance allow our students to make a connection between the music and the dance, rather than reciting steps in a rote process. As we at MainStage often say: “The audience doesn’t know, they feel!”


MSAD will be offering two performance opportunities for our 2017-18 season.

Are shows are held at the Beautiful Oconomowoc Arts Center.

These performances are tailored to the talents of are students and designed to create a fun and unique experience.

Age appropriate dancers from our Preparatory Program will also have the opportunity to audition for our Academy productions.  

Academy program dancers will perform our 2016 Nutcracker BalletDecember 16th - 18th and a second production that will be announced.


Benefits of Performing with Us:

  1. Exposes dancers to what it really takes to put on a professional theatrical production.

  2. Develops camaraderie and a sense of family.

  3. Teaches teamwork and discipline while facilitating fun, learning and artistic growth.

  4. Elevates students’ overall performance and provides an all-inclusive curriculum of dance development.

  5. Our full-length productions introduce dancers to costuming, light design, set design, theatrical acting and so much more…!

Stellar Results:

Our performances are created with the highest level of professionalism and set the standard for youth productions.  Students work alongside industry professionals that provide an immersive theatrical and dance experience. We often get comments from the community on the professional look and feel of our performances.

Testimonies from MSAD performances:

Please permit me to enthusiastically applaud and congratulate Mainstage and Mr. Eddy Bray for a BRILLIANT performance of Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker" Ballet! My wife and I have visited the Bolshoi in Moscow; saw the Nureyev Company perform "Don Quixote" at the Sidney Opera House; attended "Swan Lake" both in Paris and at the Prague Opera House. We have annually attended the PAC version of The Nutcracker for many years. I believe that we can appreciate a fine performance... I must admit that my wife insisted that we take three young granddaughters to the OAC last Saturday and that I went under compulsion with little expectation. From the opening curtain I was both amazed and was OUTSTANDING! Based on the age of the principals (13/14 years old!) I truly believe that in relative terms it was simply magnificent! Especially amazing were Miss Ella Sivak as Clara and Miss Grace Walters as the Arabian Dancer. WOW!!!

-William Marris

Just saw The Nutcracker - this performance was wonderful! I'd watch it over and over. The costumes were lovely, and oh my gosh, the dancing was amazing! AMAZED by the quality of the dancing. Anyone that hasn't gone to see this show needs to make it part of their holiday traditions starting immediately.

-Dawn Lange

We have attended two Nutcracker behind the scenes events, The Nutcracker ballet, and now Dracula. Each event is better than the one before it. I am AMAZED by the caliper of dancers this studio trains. Our community is so lucky to have Main Stage.

-Jamie Grogan

Dear Director Bray,

Let me congratulate you on a wonderful presentation of “Cinderella: Retold”.  My family and I enjoyed it immensely, and once again were impressed with the quality dancing you produce at Mainstage Academy of Dance.  

-Terri Hytinen

I attended the Saturday evening performance with my daughter. It was the first time I ever saw the Nutcracker. As I settled in my seat preparing to see a "nice show," I had no idea what I was about to experience. I felt emotionally moved with joy and anticipation and at times would smile, tear up, or feel wonderful chills. I was also completely captivated by the most excellent dancing of these young people and the beautiful costumes. Very, very well done! Thank you for a delightful evening spent with my daughter. This is a favorite of hers, and she enjoyed it immensely, too!

-S Fleischfresser

Congratulations Mainstage dancers and everyone involved for another fantastic Nutcracker. I know how much time, dedication, pure sweat and tears go into each production. So, a big thank you to you all for sharing your gifts and talents to entertain and delight us. I like that it is a bit different from year to year, which is enjoyable to come and be surprised. The new costumes for the "boys" in the opening act and for flowers were very nice. The change ups in some of the choreography were interesting as well. One of my favorite parts is the battle scene. All involved did a great job. It was very dramatic! To the principle characters I would say WOW! Your dancing was simply amazing, beautiful, strong and graceful! You all have grown in your talent and abilities and it really came through in your performances. I went to the Saturday afternoon show and there were MANY little children in attendance. I asked several people if they were there to watch someone in the production and non of them were. I think that says a lot that. People are coming to see the production as a family event for Christmas. It was fun to watch the little ones get excited at the Rat King, Mother Ginger and the dragon! Comments I heard around me were: "wasn't that WONDERFUL...such beautiful dancing!", "they are so talented", "that was well worth the money", "did you know a dollar of every ticket goes to charity?"

Thank you again Mainstage and everyone involved. Have a Merry and blessed Christmas. Enjoy you time off!

-Barb Sloey

My daughter and I have enjoyed this for the past 5 years! I like that things are always slightly different and changing to keep things fresh. Yet, the same to keep the integrity of the story! Your kids do a great job! "Clara and the prince" appeared much more confident in their abilities this year! Thanks for this annual tradition!

-R. Prager

From my point of view, it was wonderful!  It really made my whole Christmas season. The dancers were amazing and it was great to be so close to the stage. I noticed a lot of children in the audience, the looks on some of those children's faces was really priceless. I'm sure you inspired some little ones to love dance! It was really nice to see so many people from the community.

Thanks for an amazing experience!

D. Gibson

I thought it was great, I can't express how impressed I was and what a beautiful performance it was. And I have to admit I really didn't want to go. I had gone on a field trip with my girls for school to see it and didn't feel like going again. But my daughter wanted to go so badly, so we did and I am so glad for that-I loved it and it will be a tradition for us from now on. I spoke with another person in the community as well that went but didn't really want to, but his daughter had friends performing in it and he felt the same way-said it was a wonderful performance!

Look forward to next year!

-Jeni. M

I thought the show was wonderful!!!  Very professional and beautiful set.  GREAT!

Looking forward to next year!

-Renda Sivak

I thought the production was delightful. When I left the performance, I had a smile on my face and felt like the time was better spent with you and your dancers, not at home cooking, cleaning and decorating. 

It was very well done. 

Thank you for your efforts,

-Karen Gould

We think this was your best show yet.  The children in the audience all had smiles on their faces.  From a standing ovation at your first show to standing room only at your last show, truly shows that are worthy of an encore.  


-David Maerker

For additional information contact:

MainStage Academy of Dance

Phone: 262-965-5763


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Cinderella “Retold”

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