Master Coaching (One on One)

This private one on one course taught by Director Bray offers accelerated ballet training designed to help students turn their physical and artistic strengths into tools that they can use in their daily dance classes and life. No two dancers are alike, either cognitively or physically. Therefore, we acknowledge that group instruction often needs to be augmented with private training that is designed for the specific mental and physical needs of a particular student.

Students wishing to advance at an accelerated pace are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this invaluable program.

Creative Movement (Ages 4 &5 )

Creative Movement classes introduce our youngest dancers to a structured environment while allowing them to recognize their own individuality and body mobility. We focus on coordination and rhythm, all introduced in creative and imaginative ways. Creating a fun and entertaining environment  while learning beginning dance skills which will help them to acquire a lifelong love for dance.

Preparatory Program (Ages 5 to 16)

These lighthearted, energetic classes are designed to introduce children to the different styles of dance offered at MainStage. They will learn basic dance steps and movements in subjects such as Creative Movement, Ballet and Hip-Hop while working to develop their coordination, fine motor and social skills. Additionally we focus on the bodies alignment, strength, flexibility, and of course having lots of fun! Are Preparatory program ultimately is a specifically designed program for younger aged entry level dancers to prepare them for possible placement in our Academy Program.

Vaganova Ballet (Academy Program Ages 8 to 19)

Our Academy Program is taught by MainStage Artistic Director Eddy Bray who is a Vaganova System trained dancer that has trained around the world with renowned American and Russian Ballet Masters. Director Bray’s now teaches the Vaganova System of Ballet as the foundation of his Academy Dance program. Vaganova Ballet is a precise technique and system of instruction that is particular to when to teach what, how long to teach, and in what amount. The Vaganova method  focuses on back & core development, arm gracefulness, strength, flexibility, and the endurance for ballet. It also teaches movements that flow from form and that reflects human and emotion. Director Bray’s Academy Program is rooted in but not limited to classical ballet. Academy classes can also include Pointe, Variation, Pas De Deux (Partnering), Modern/Lyrical, Hip-Hop and more... Dancers are introduced to the additional dance styles as they more upwards through the program. Ultimately Our 10-year Academy Division Program strives for excellence in dance education by developing the whole dancer. Academy Program placement is by audition only.

En Pointe

Here at the MainStage Academy of Dance the preparation for pointe work is a slow and gradual process. MainStage uses RAD syllabus, where dancers are first taught to "roll-through" from flat to half pointe to pointe and down again and Russian technique in which the dancer springs directly from flat onto pointe. When dancers reach our upper intermediate levels and higher, we introduce pointe variations with speed, precision, and sustained balances. Students interested in pointe work must have completed Intermediate Levels 1, 2  & 3 or equivalent and are required to audition for placement.    View our everything pointe page

Pas De Deux (Partnering)

The Pas De Deux class better known as “Partnering” class is an essential part of any dancers training. Director Bray believes the pas de deux is one of the highest most challenging and most beautiful aspects of dance. Students will learn the basic principals of physics as it relates to movement including, axis, support, balance and lift. A partner can provide a source of force other than the floor and gravity allowing the ballerina to achieve positions not possible when dancing alone.

Repertoire Classes

This class offers high-level students the opportunity to learn Director Bray’s Original repertoire choreography alongside our traditional repertoire such as the Nutcracker Ballet. Additionally this trains students in the art of learning, processing and retaining choreography.

Classical Variations

Students learn variations from well-known ballets such as Le Corsaire, Sleeping Beauty, and Giselle. The class builds on articulation, strength, and awareness while developing the artistic elements of performance.

Body Pathways

Body Pathways helps dancers gain a well-rounded knowledge of how a body’s structure facilitates movement. We are all born with different body types that comes with gifts (things that come naturally) and obstacles (things that do not come naturally) or what I like to call “struggles against Mother Nature”. And while technique and training can help mold, shape and develop the body, it can only go as far as the body’s natural and physical capabilities. By gaining a deeper understanding of the functions and locations of muscles, dancers can improve turn-out, strength and flexibility. This knowledge helps dancers better understand class corrections and can also help prevent common injuries. The balance between exercise and repertoire is critical to a dancer’s success. This class will emphasize to dancers how they can use their muscles and body structure to keep them doing what they love – DANCING!!


MainStage Academy of Dance offers a truly authentic Hip-Hop program. Our high-energy Hip-Hop program with its Urban street flare features elements of locking, popping, waving, & breaking with a strong emphasis on improvisational movement “free style”. All of our Hip-Hop classes begin with a complete center warm-up to ensure that our dancers are properly prepared for this vigorous dance style. Thereafter, dancers may learn individual dance moves and routines set to music from some of today’s most popular hip-hop artists. Many of these moves can be seen in today’s Music Videos and TV Shows. It is fast becoming one of our most popular dance styles.


At MainStage our Lyrical and Modern classes utilizes techniques from Vaganova Ballet, Martha Graham, Lester Horton Modern and classic Jose Limon Jazz. We use motion to interpret music and express emotion. Choreography is set to the lyrics in music and typically uses soft, expansive movement that is fluid and graceful to convey a story. A solid, ballet-based technique is an essential component of this advanced style of dance. We encourage our dancers to feel music and to become very expressive through their movement. This class is offered to Intermediate level 3 and above.

Boys & Men

Our Boys Ballet program is designed specifically to develop the attributes necessary to be a successful male dancer. It is Director Bray's priority to establish a sense of comfort and support in the classroom for male dancers. Among the important aspects of this program are the enhancement of athletic skills, flexibility, strength and balance. The program provides weekly classes in Vaganova Ballet, Rommett Floor Barre and Partnering. Participants in the program also enjoy performance opportunities with an invitation to audition for MainStage’s production of the Nutcracker Ballet. Students are accepted by audition. No prior dance experience is required.

Roller Flexibility

In our new roller flexibility class we scrap static stretching and use the foam roller. Think of foam rolling as a way to 'smooth' or iron out' the connective tissue and muscle. Foam rolling actually increases circulation so the connective tissue and muscle are getting more oxygen and water than if you simply stretched. We use the roller to apply longer more sweeping strokes to the long muscle groups like the calves, adductors, and quadriceps, and small directed force to areas like the TFL bands and hip flexors. Foam rolling with an emphasis on deep stretch flexibility prior to a class can help not only improve overall flexibility but, decrease muscle density and promote a better warm-up for our dancers. We also encourage our dancers to rollout after a class as it may help muscles recover from strenuous exercise.

Aerial Flexibility

This class is based on a holistic aerial fitness system that combines the science of physical conditioning with the philosophy of movement therapy. 

Our Aerial Flexibility class is designed for all Academy students levels two and higher. Dancers can achieve optimal fitness and flexibility in a fun & safe suspended environment. The aerial system incorporates suspended athletic conditioning, aerial Pilates style exercises, and aerial arts inspired movements. The Aerial Flexibility system exercises are progressive, adaptable, and creative. 

The equipment for Aerial Flexibility uses a set of supportive fabric slings that are hung from the ceiling, wall or other foundational apparatus. The fabric slings are made of a stretchy cotton blend fabric, incredibly strong and very comfortable!

Participants can suspend their body (or parts of their body) so they can enjoy motion in 360 degrees while sculpting and stretching in the air. This helps improve strength & body awareness, increase joint mobility and overall flexibility while decompressing the spine, and gives the opportunity to find creativity and joy in physical activity.

Adult Dance & Fitness

At MAINSTAGE ACADEMY OF DANCE, we believe that anyone can dance including the young-at-heart. As such, we offer ZUMBA, CARDIO BARRE, HIP-HOP and daytime BALLET for working and retired adults. Come on, haven't you ever wanted to dance? Don't you want to move your body freely without worrying about how you look or who might be watching you? Have you dreamt of being a prima ballerina, or just wanted to get your body back into that 20 something shape? 


MSAD Pre-Professional (Ages 11 to 19)

MSAD’s Pre-Professional program is a unique and comprehensive system developed for training avant-garde, versatile dancers to stand out for their mastery of classical ballet technique, personality and versatility. This program coincides with Director Bray’s Master Coaching and Academy training system. Additionally our Pre-Professional program prepares these career minded dancers for scouting events, scholarship opportunities, and company auditions. Admission to the Pre-Professional program is by Director invitation only. Participants may also be invited to perform in special MSAD productions.

Dancers completing our Pre- Professional training will have:

  1. Superior classical technique rooted in the Vaganova Russian System.

  2. A firm understanding of different dance forms to diversify and strengthen their education

  3. A developed sense of musicality, their own style and personality that supports a flexible career path

In addition Director Bray also assists Pre-Professional Program participants with audition packets to include Recommendation Letters, Choreography and needed Photography

To learn more about this program contact MainStage Academy at 262.965.5763 or email

MainStage Academy of Dance

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